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Post by Lesley Williams on Tue Oct 27, 2015 3:23 pm

Hi Guys,

Just a update on recent emails which has been sent over the last week and the outcomes/actions taken:

Patients who have passed away, there is a log on Alex's computer, from the next meeting 15th October, we will have a discussion about the best day and how regularly we will discuss each individual death within the practice, and see if we could do anything any differently. This can be linked to significant events when a unexpected death occurs in time for the practice meeting.
Auditing of documents being placed on Docman incorrectly, is continually being monitored and reviewed every two weeks - will be discussed at meeting 15th October.
Back to work interviews are in place within the staff sickness and rota folder based within the main reception area. Each staff member who needs to fill out one of these forms, passes it back to Alex's and an outcome is made. This shows we are their as a practice to support the colleague when returning back to work i.e Paula.
Overtime Policy- All overtime must be authorised through a GP or Alex. This is to be signed off and placed on a overtime policy log sheet, with date, hours and reason - no staff member can authorise their own overtime - without proof this has never happened.
Fire Safety - Alex is going to get in touch with the fire brigade in Heswall, to see if they will be able to complete a fire assessment on the practice, so we are well prepared in case of any emergency which may occur, this will be good practice also for CQC- the fire alarm will be set off every Friday at 12pm by a member of staff and logged within the fire procedure folder based within the reception area.
Safeguarding Lead- Lesley has now taken over as Safeguarding Lead and will be responsible - she will be attending her Safeguarding Level 3 course at Heswall Medical on the 14th October 1-5pm. Alex is creating a list of all patients, who are recognised as vulnerable adults and children which is going to be based on his computer system. This will be continually updated and monitored. Reception have been made aware that if they detect any odd behaviour that they should make Lesley aware.
CQC Practice Inspection is going to be occurring throughout the next couple of weeks, Lesley has already had hers and got 97%, Nicky 76%. Just remember this is a test of own knowledge and will all be retested two weeks later. Alison will have hers on Thursday and Rachael on Friday. Dr.Hennesys, Sian and the Reception Team will be inspected next week - GOOD LUCK! - I hope you all know the five outcomes CQC EXPECT!
Finally the Minutes of the last meeting will be sent out on Friday 9th October.

Alexander TG Hennessy

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