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Post by Lesley Williams on Tue Oct 27, 2015 3:39 pm

I have had a few ideas that i thought would make us stand out from other practices;

I thought we could set up a carers forum that we hold monthly at the practice. We can invite pt's initially via letter but also on the website and facebook page. We can then let them
pick a leader and they can hopefully go on to manage themselves but use our practice as a venue.

I thought we could also have a board in reception with 'this weeks local events'. I was going to ask Jill to take responsibility for this- she can ring the church, age concern etc weekly and update
the board weekly. Alex can also update the website and facebook page. This will show that we are trying to help patients that feel isolated etc.

I think we should have a 'suggestion box' rather than complaints box. I will ask reception to sort this.

To try to free Alex up, i was going to ask Jo to do a search for our patients coded with dementia, learning disabilities and those under psychiatry- they can then divide them between each other and
ensure they have a pop up to say they can have 20 min appts. This will show CQC that we are recognising that these patients groups require longer time with the GP.

In our last practice meeting we were going to send a letter to our NH and RH patients to say that we are going to review our patients 6 monthly. Alex, i will ask Danielle to complete this task to free you time

I would also like us all to take responsibility for our personal folders- to include; immunisations, CV, personal information, ALL NEED SIGNED CONTRACTS, car insurance, driving license, Alex, if anything else needs to be added please let us know.

Let me know what you all think

Alison x

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